the kitchen renovation; tiny steps in the right direction…

so, this month matt and i are feverishly working to actually complete  our kitchen renovation…  this is a gruesome  reminder of where we started about a year ago…

after all of the demolition and rebuilding of the walls, installation of insulation, addition of new windows and all the other myriad systems we put into the walls which you can’t see, we finally got to begin adding the things you can…

the first things we bought were solid maple cabinets from green demolitions, a non-profit organization which specializes in high-end reclaimed kitchens from in and around NYC and Connecticut… we lucked out and ours had never been installed, nor were there ever hardware holes put into them… these served as the basis, and then matt custom made all the specific parts which made the kitchen whole; we came up with a custom paint color, sort of an inky charcoal, and then sanded, used transitional primer, added two coats of matte paint, and then did three coats of a really high quality green
glaze on top to create a hard wearing surface which can be easily wiped down and maintained without damaging the paint job…

next we installed the 48″ concrete farm sink which matt scored off of craigslist… it came out of an old farm house, and we sanded it down, fixed a couple small cracks and then sealed it with matte sealant…

the installation of my most favorite inanimate object ever… i never knew i could love a piece of metal as much… i said this originally about the fridge last year when we moved out of a dorm sized one after 6 years, but this is even better… it’s amazing that most people take this for granted and it’s the most luxurious thing i’ve ever had!

here’s a sneak peek of the whole space; we’re still obviously lacking the cabinet doors, hardware, lighting, the cabinet which will surround the refrigerator, and the black walnut butcher block we’re using for counters… it’s actually coming out of the kiln this week and i literally feel like a child at christmas and can’t wait for the countertops…

this is the view of the kitchen from the library… i’m thinking i want a large rug in the center of the kitchen, but i’m not sure what kind… hhhmmmm

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    • materiadesigns

      We love it!! Its amazing to put all of our dishes in, it looks great and has a huge capacity. We need to seal ours still, but that’s simple enough, and it really extends the cleanliness and life of the sink…

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