house; painted…

finally, with the help of several of our family members, we painted the outside of our house! we are in the process of replacing all the windows with new Marvin energy star versions… where you see white sills intact, know that those are indeed the original 1940’s windows which we hope to have banished by spring…the painting has made quite a difference, even with all the unfinished projects: landscaping! front door, porch floor, main entrance changed, etc…i’m remaining patient, and loving the progress in the mean time…

the front porch, which will eventually be converted into a winter friendly room

with casement windows

the front porch with the new wine press we scored at auction

the back view of the house, where the porch used to be… come spring, there will be a slate rock wall winding it’s way out to a patio and grill space here…

side view of the house, with the new stainless chimney… this is also the future site of a modern, clean lined black locust and steel cable cat-walk style deck… 


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